31 Jul 2014

New Construction Temporary Heat

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New Construction Temporary Heat


After 35 years in the heating and cooling business and countless job sites, I think it’s important to talk about New Construction Temporary Heat and how that effects the home owner and sometimes the installing h.v.a.c contractor. This article will also apply to Temporary Heat in renovations.
This happens when it is to cold or to hot to work in the house or business and or when the sheet rock contractor pops in and says his mud wont cure.The contractor or builder who by the way makes more then any one else on the job site goes to the HVAC installation company and tells them they need to get the heat going for the tapers. (The tapers are the guys who will be taping and compounding and sanding the sheet rock joints through out the entire structure they may or may not be the painters). The construction company should just set up some modern portable heaters for Temporary Heat with out being asked or having to ask, it’s there project! This is what they do build houses. They know the house is cold or going to get cold! There making huge profits and whining and moaning because they claim they lost a few heaters.

Most contractors or builders do not provide temporary heat. Or if they do it is usually a few undersized heaters left over from another job. They always say something like ( every time I buy one it goes missing. Or there on another job…etc) There appears to be enough profit in the work so that they would be able to properly provide sufficient temporary heat. The taper or sheet rock contractors know they need Temporary Heat yet show up on every job empty handed?

I will be posting pictures and videos of systems I have worked on and also cleaned. I am on my way this morning to a house where the air conditioning condensate line clog’s and backs up every year and water leaks in the furnace and on the floor. Damaging the furnace and causing mold on the walls of the basement. This time we are going to pull the coil out of the machine and clean it. His troubles started five or six years ago when he had his basement finished and a zone added to his h.v.a.c system. Someone ran his unit during construction for Temporary Heat while the ducts were open.

Yesterday we worked six hours cleaning this system, it not only had sheet rock dust in it but also paint. The painter must have sprayed rather then rolled  with the system running . We got the system pretty clean but it’s my opinion that the customer should receive a new system. I could not clean the windings on the motor which are caked and the circuit board also. This customer is lucky I was the h.v.a.c service contractor that was called, I have been cleaning units for years, most service techs would blow the drain and leave the system as is, running all chocked up and clogging every year.

I have changed dozens of blower motors, blower wheels and circuit boards because of this problem and even after fixing the unit walked away feeling like the customer just threw good money to bad because there fairly new system looked like it was fifty years old.

Recently I  changed out an eight year old York furnace because  the construction dust from 8 years earlier had clogged the air conditioning A coil and every summer water leaked into the furnace, all the dust, mud and rust was so bad it was not worth trying to clean. The house is less then 8 years old. Built in Fishkill NY 12524. Of course the homeowner should have gone into the basement and after seeing the leaking water called someone. I don’t know if they did or not. But you can also say the amount of dust which was overwhelming should never have been present in the first place. The builder is one of the largest in the country and should have more then enough money to see this does not happen to there customers. But it does and on a wide spread scale.

What would it take for the builders to purchase outdoor self contained propane furnaces and hook flex duct to them, then connect to the window openings?

I make money off this situation and always will but have also lost money because after preforming a really nice installation. We would leave the job site on friday to return on Monday and find my equipment and tools absolutely covered in sheet rock dust. As much as a 1/4 ” thick.

I dont do installations any more for reasons I have wrote about before. But when I did I made sure my contracts always stated my equipment was not to be used for temporary heat. That I was not responsible for New Construction Temporary Heat.

Home owners or building owners do not let this happen to you! Make sure it’s in your contract. Show up and see for yourself. It is your building and health at stake here. Please put down the color swatches and take a active role in the construction of your home. You can always change the color, breathing in dust for the next 20 years should not be an option.




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