12 Sep 2014

sporlan expansion valves form 10-363

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sporlan expansion valves form 10-363

When I started in the HVAC|R field expansion valves were present in most of the air conditioners I worked on. Even window air conditioners if they were not capillary tube had some form of an expansion valve in them. This would for the most part make it so that operating pressures and characteristics were relatively consistent. And when they were not this was a real problem to solve. They were so uncommon if you came across a few here and there you could bypass them and still keep being a a/c tech. You did not have to be a mad scientist or private detective to repair air conditioning systems.

That has changed!

In todays new world with massive home builders and construction companies that do not look at HVAC as a big part of the budget combined with the home owners who’s attentions are in a different direction, 10’s of thousands of poorly installed air conditioning systems have been installed in the last five years and there appears to be no end in site.

We are dealing with long line sets, poorly installed ducts, mismatched systems and more.

The orifice!

The orifice when sized properly works great and when installed in a well laid out ac system will not give you any problems. But when installed in a poorly laid out systems robs even more performance then whats already been taken and I dont mean just by using more electric. People are loosing BTU’S. I have been in dozens of new homes,condo’s and town houses that on a hot day will not cool down.

The orifice did not cause this problem and the TEV valve is not the cure all to this problem. But it’s a start! By installing expansion valves and properly adjusting superheat. “The best way to adjust the superheat is to recover the charge and weigh in the factory charge and go from there.” We can give the end user some of there BTU’S back and eliminate some of there worries.

sporlan expansion valves form 10-363


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