23 Jan 2016

How to oil a sealed bearing watt motor

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How to oil a sealed bearing watt motor


Oiling & fixing sealed bearing motors.

In this really insightful video tutorial I will be teaching you a valuable skill that I picked up on my own working in my fathers shop on Drake ave in New Rochelle. Most heating and air conditioning motors these days are sealed and there is no way to oil them. And sometimes even the motors that can be oiled have ports that are messed up in some way and the oil wont go in. Or they are already stuck and the felt has hardened in the oil cup preventing oil from going in. Either way the best thing to do is take the motor apart and fix it that way.

One year we had an unexpected heat wave, it had been cool for five years or so in a row. Window air conditioner manufacturers had cut back on production the previous year. The stores were sold out! My fathers air conditioner stopped working. He brought it to the shop and we determined it was the motor. We called around and no one had it in stock. It’s 95 degree’s outside maybe hotter in his apartment. I took the motor out using the technique in this video and fixed his air conditioner. By that night it was back in the window and cooling as it should. That motor worked for many years to come.

You may ask why not just replace the motor with a new one? In a lot of cases that is prudent.But many times there is no motor available or you may be doing this for preventive maintenance on your own equipment. What if you are selling something and the motor stops, do you want to loose money when for a little time you can make the motor last for years to come.

In this video tutorial I will teach you a technique I developed almost 35 years ago and have used it many times over the years.

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