How to diy hvac, maintain and preform your own minor repairs .

In this series of tutorials, e books and videos I will be showing you how to preform minor repairs and also preform routine maintenance on your H.V.A.C systems hence how to diy hvac.

how to diy hvac

I would like to say that there is nothing routine about the maintenance needed on heating or air conditioning systems.

People who do not maintain there heating and air conditioning systems almost always pay in the end. It’s like driving your car for a year with a bad o2 sensor. What ever you saved by not changing that sensor you will spend in extra fuel used.

The same principle applies to your home air conditioning and heating system. And it applies to all area’s of the world not just Fishkill NY.

All area’s of the country have there particular issues that need to be addressed and some have a few in common.

Here are a few examples:

1: Rural America is an area you would think shouldn’t have anything that would harm your air conditioner. But this is far from the truth. The very first time I found out country living has its own set of problems was on a Carrier warranty service call in Putnam county NY the customer was angry the air conditioner was not working. They purchased it the prior season and this was the first real full season it was in use. I arrived and turned on the system and with-in a few minutes i could tell by the sounds the unit was making the head pressure was very high. The liquid line was hot and the compressor was laboring. When I inspected the condenser I discovered it was so packed with dead bugs that there was almost no airflow. Once they were cleaned out which took some work the unit worked just fine.

2: The city offers all sorts of problems. One of them has cost manufacturers and home owners alike a lot of money. Pollution!

There is a lot of stuff floating around in the air when you live in a city, along with bugs of course that can get into and clog and even harm your air conditioning system. One of them is acid rain, acid rain can and does damage your outdoor coil. Many manufacturers experimented using aluminum coils that turned out to be acceptable to this problem. I was one of the companies that was lucky enough to be part of the warranty program around at that time to change them out and get paid for it. Once again people who had there units cleaned on a regular basis did not have this problem. Now I am not a scientist and did not preform any experiments. I was told this at the time by the manufacturers representative. If you believe acid rain doesn’t exist take that up with Carleton_ Stuart.

3: The ocean: Salt water will and does corrode your a/c system. The outdoor unit takes the brint but the indoor unit suffers also, people who live by the ocean pay a lot of money in repairs and extra electric to cool there homes and business because of the salt air. Special coated coils are a lot of money and some work better then others but either way it is much easier to just wash the unit on a regular basis. You cant stop the process but you can slow it down quite a bit.

4: The indoor coil gets dirty and can be a problem. I will show you how to inspect the coil and there’s room how to clean it. I just did a service call where the indoor coil was completely clogged. I don’t know how it got that way but it really was causing problems.

5: The rest of the machine: I will post one at a time on how to fix and maintain the entire the entire machine.