08 Jun 2014

Freon leaks supermarket Long Island

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Freon leaks supermarket Long Island


This is going to the first in a series of interesting stories about freon leak repairs. I find this story very interesting because it really hurt a pretty greedy refrigeration business owner in the pocket. I worked with my father Damien William Murphy or Bill as we knew him by on & off for a good number of years, when ever I would have a fight with him or there was no money to pay me I would go work somewhere else for a while. This was one of those jobs.

A guy named Arte who had a refrigeration and air conditioning business in Long island. This guy had a lot of customers many were independent supermarkets and meat packing or food processing plants. He never fixed any leaks! He just kept adding more freon all the time and billing these large places. I think there was a connection between them that kept him there because there seemed no other reason why these smart people would keep paying him . One of his best customers had independent supermarkets and these places leaked freon 24/7 365. Every time i walked in the door I had a can in each hand. Arte would buy pallets of freon to keep on hand to maintain these accounts. Most of the leaks were just from flare nuts that had come loose over the years from expansion and contraction. They could have been fixed many years before I started working for him.

When I finally came to the realization I did not like this guy and that I would have to move onĀ  or get fired. I started lying to him about what I was doing when I was at one of these accounts, and I started fixing the leaks. The worst was a super market close to the NYC border. We were there putting in freon all the time. One example was a very long deli case\meat case\fish case. It was connected to a 10 ton condensing unit. We were putting 30 to 60 lbs of freon in that system every week. R-12 was cheap in those days but even then some people were saying it may not be healthy for the ozone layer. This long case has a bunch of evaporators and each one has an expansion valve. The large flare nut on the metered side always comes loose. So!

Not telling the employees in the store or any one in our firm, I started fixing the leaks. I fixed so many leaks that one day a few weeks later in the morning in Arte’s office I heard him on the phone asking the owner of the supermarket if he was calling someone else to take care of the service, because it was never more then a few days prior to this.

Arte was baffled and he had an angry look on his face. Asked me what i did the last time i was there.

I just smiled and said “the usual”.

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