03 Jul 2014

How to fix a leak in a rooftop unit

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How to fix a leak in a roof top unit

In this short story I am going to talk about a rooftop system I worked on for someone else. I will give you hints on how to solve rooftop leak problems. Unfortunately there are air conditioning companies that almost never fix leaks for regular customers. It’s not in there best interest.

They make way more money coming back all the time and charging the customer for repairs, and they may even get them to replace the whole system even though the only problem was a loose flare nut on the expansion valve.

One example was a HSBC bank branch where the a\c seemed to break all the time. I worked for this  small  company that had a contract to service all the branches. And even though this company had a regular maintenance contract with this Bank and all it’s branches in my area it was clear that no one did anything good to these rooftop units in a very long time. The company I worked for had  bids out on changing it. Well after going to this unit several times in one month to put in freon, I really had it and fixed the leak that any one could see the second you took the panel off. The 1/4″ line used for charging the system had a crack in it. In order to fix this leak you didn’t even have to reclaim the refrigerant.

I took out my vise grips and attached them to the line above the leak. Brazed it shut and that was the end of that.

Of course the people in the bank were happy but that was as far as that went, no one where I worked liked it.

These people suffered thru constant breakdown over a leaking copper line simply because the owner of the company where i worked wanted the process of replacing the unit to speed up by letting it break all the time.

The first step in finding and fixing a freon leak on a roof top unit is to remove the panels and look.

How to fix a leak in a roof top unit

What we are looking for in an obvios sign that there is a freon leak. Oil on the tubing or an oil stain on the base below is the first sign were looking for…The oil in a ac system will travel with the freon and come out at the point of the leak but not always. This makes it tricky.

The next step is to look for copper tubes that can rub together and a spot where that happened.

Are we looking for a small, med or large leak determines everything from here. If you have a very small leak, one that requires a small amount of refrigerant once a year you may never find this leak. Not on a rooftop unit. With very small leaks I have tried every thing..I will not deter anyone from looking..You should always try. It could just be the service cap..Sometimes soap the cap before you take it off.











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