10 Oct 2014

Electric heaters under the desk

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Electric heaters under the desk

We spent millions of dollars upgrading the heating and air systems in our schools and public office buildings of all types in the last ten years. I remember reading that the estimate for Arlington High was in the millions of dollars. Newburgh spent millions on a new control system. Lagrange just updated there system and so on. After all the new taxes were collected, we spent them making our employees and school children comfortable. In some cases we spent more on these upgrades then all the private residents in that area spent on themselves combined.

And everything was done right. All the jobs had engineers and every office that needs to be involved was involved. Hundreds of meetings to talk about guidelines and new standards. Everyone was paid prevailing wages. All the materials were up to specs. We now have fresh air ventilation systems in most of our public buildings and schools so that no one gets tired from breathing co2.

So then why do so many people who work for us have electric heaters in there office, classroom and under the desk?

Each one of those heaters draws 1500 watts of electricity. It’s about equivalent of having  three dozen energy bulbs lit at the same time.

There is no way to calculate the expense of the electric involved but state wide it has to be enormous! 

It’s been a while since I have worked in these settings but when I was there the problem was wide spread. I know people that work for companies that service public building and they say the problem is worse now then before. With the new systems bringing in fresh air in the winter and having fans run all the time. Either way the people that are plugging in these heaters would never do the same thing in there own home. I have done service calls for people I met in these settings who say there cold at work and want the heat up and you go to there house and the heat is set way down.????

They are taking advantage of the fact that the electric is being paid for by tax dollars.

When I serviced public buildings I would get a call that so & so was cold. I would show up after being outside in freezing weather and find it quite pleasant inside. I would bring a very expensive thermometer with me and check the temperature around the person who complained that it’s cold. And find it is with in the specs sets down by people smarter then us……

And yet they would have

 Electric heaters under the desk

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