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 Carrier|York|Unitary Products| Warranty

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 At Ambient mechanical Systems we pride ourselves in being useful and helpful to our customers and others. We will help you determine warranty status of your Central heating & Air Conditioning system made by Carrier or York. Get you the part and make the repair!~It’s a tough decision to make whether or not to have a system fixed when you believe certain part’s are under warranty. If it’s a coil or a compressor you might as well buy a new one. Very few customers have any way to really determine if there parts are still under warranty in the Fishkill NY 12524 area. The reason you might not be sure is because you purchased property with heating and cooling already installed. Every manufacturer has a differ ant way of deciding when your warranty starts and when it ends. We will check for you  Carrier|York|Unitary Products| Warranty Fishkill NY 12524

As a warranty rep for thirteen years in a very busy area in NY I know the in’s and outs. The old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” applies here. I will work to help you obtain the parts you need under warranty that will get your heat and ac system back up and running. Some manufacturers start there warranty period from the date the system was purchased by the installing company, personally I don’t think this is fair. What if the project takes two years to complete and the installer purchased equipment early because of a time related discount. Then you as the consumer are screwed if there is a major breakdown. did you know most manufactures will double the warranty period if you register your products with in 90 days of the installation or from the purchase of your home. All the original installer and builder had to do was leave you a warranty packet on the counter to fill out after the closing and you would have a 10 year warranty instead of your system being out of warranty with in a few years.

Some manufacturers  go by the date the system was started which can be several years after purchase. And even others will let you use the day the day the property was purchased. Later we will post what each companies policy are and what warranties they offer.


We have years of experience at warranty claims and we are going to pass that down to you free of charge.

Please enter all your information below and we will get back to you.

We need  your Name, address, Phone number, Name plate manufacturer Model # and serial #.

Bill of sale if you have one would work. Once we determine the status we can preform the repairs for you as needed.

There will be a handling and paperwork fee on top of the actual repair depending on the part.

Carrier|York|Unitary Products| Warranty Fishkill NY 12524

Here is some manufactures documentation that I will edit and i will add more as we find more information.

1) Carrier Limited Warranty for Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Condensing Units.

2) York| Unitary products user information manual contains warranty information.

First time customers get 25% off the service call fee.

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