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New Construction Temporary Heat

  New Construction Temporary Heat   After 35 years in the heating and cooling business and countless job sites, I think it’s important to talk about New Construction Temporary Heat and how that effects the home owner and sometimes the installing h.v.a.c contractor. This article will also apply to Temporary Heat in renovations. This happens […]

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Is my A\C unit worth fixing

                  Is my Air Conditioning unit worth fixing? Is my A\C unit worth fixing is a question I get all the time. Sometimes I get that question even before I tell the customer whats wrong. We have become familiar with some items that are cheaper to replace then to repair. A lot of the inexpensive […]

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How to fix a leak in a rooftop unit

How to fix a leak in a roof top unit In this short story I am going to talk about a rooftop system I worked on for someone else. I will give you hints on how to solve rooftop leak problems. Unfortunately there are air conditioning companies that almost never fix leaks for regular customers. […]

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