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We specialize in CarrierYork– Air Conditioning Repair Fishkill NY 12524 Call 845-224-7331


We are familiar with the ac installations in the Fishkill NY area and we can help with warranty status if you need AC Repairs Fishkill NY 12524 845-224-7331

If you call us we will work with you to determine if any of the parts in your ac system are still under warranty. And we will get those parts for you!

This is one of our specialties and if we can help you save money on the repair,it will be our pleasure. At one time the owner of the company was a warranty service rep for lower Westchester county for several different manufacturers, and is very familiar with the process. Most manufacturers warranty there coils and compressors for 5 years. Some will extend that warranty if you send in the warranty form that came with the systems or register your system online with in a predetermined amount of time..

Most local air conditioning systems are coupled to a condensing gas furnace which contains the blower motor and the controls to turn your a/c on and off. The heat exchanger in this furnace is guaranteed for as long as 20 years prorated. And even though it is rare for it to happen they do go bad, and must be changed, this is not a job you want done by a random person who just started in the field. Your going to want this jog done by an expert. And we have changed quite a few of these heat exchanger over the years with out a hitch.


Please call us for your AC Repairs Fishkill NY 12524 and we will check warranty status for you absolutely free. If we find your part is under warranty there will be a shipping & handling charge.


Carrier-York-A/C service Fishkill,12524 NY


First time customers get 25% off the service call fee.

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